Dr Comfort Footwear

Dr. Comfort shoes are specially designed to fit many different foot types. They are individually made with the finest comfort and light weight quality which can be particularly beneficial for the diabetic or sensitive foot.

They feature extra width and depth in the toe box and inner sole cushioning to relieve any high pressure areas of the foot.

Revere Comfort Sandals

Revere sandals provide all day comfort and support by enhancing foot health for those experiencing heel pain, tired aching feet, sore knees and lower back pain.

Revere sandals have been designed in collaboration with leading footwear experts to provide maximum adjustability to support many foot types.

Revere sandals provide a removable footbed for those required to wear custom made orthotic devices. The extra depth unit allows for a wide variety of custom orthotics to be inserted without taking away from the styling of look of our shoes.


Dr Comfort Socks

At The Footcare Clinic we now stock a wide range of Dr. Comfort socks. The Dr Comfort sock range incorporates Nano Bamboo charcoal technology that enhances foot health like no other sock.
Nano Bamboo Charcoal Fiber is a natural deodorizer that reduces odours, adjusts for moisture, releases anions and restrains bacterial growth. It also releases Far Infrared rays that may promote blood circulation.

Another benefit of Nano Bamboo Charcoal Fiber is its ability to regulate skin temperature. Dr Comfort socks will keep your feet cooler in summer and warmer in the winter.

Orthaheel Wave Thongs and Sandals

Have you had trouble finding shoes for your orthotics?
Your orthotics don’t fit into any of your ‘summer’ shoes?
We have just the right product for you. The ever popular orthotic thongs and sandals are the answer since they have a built in orthotic midsole, cushioned EVA midsole and rubber outsole.

These are great if you rely on orthotics for everyday wear but just want something for quick and easy on/off days.